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LIMS Reprocessing Activity (Version 6)

A major reprocessing of the Nimbus 7 Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere (LIMS) data has recently been completed, which replaces the archived Version 5 (Gille and Russell, jgr, p. 5125, 1984). This website contains the reprocessed (Version 6) of the data set. The purpose of this activity is to take advantage of the changes in the spectral line parameters that have occurred since the original archived version was created and to generate a data version that is compatible with the UARS data sets. Improvements in the algorithm have also been made. This Website contains the current (Version 6) product, including daily zonal mean plots of the differences with the Version 5 data set.

The spatial resolution of this new data version is improved in both the horizontal and vertical domain, while nearly retaining its original precision. Therefore, the relative variations of the data will contain more detail than before. More importantly, the accuracy of these new profiles has increased, which will lead to revised quantitative estimates from LIMS of the chemical relationships between members of the NOy, NOx, HOx and Ox families. The associated temperature versus pressure or T(p) profiles are also more accurate, particularly in the mesosphere and near the tropical tropopause.

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